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Marriage Issues & How You Can Solve Them

Let’s face it! Every marriage has some issues. Some of these are minor and may not impact your life in negative way, while some issues can be serious and may lead to divorce. No matter how long have you been married, you will experience small and big problems in your marriage.

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In case of painful and intense problems, the pain caused by your significant other may be very difficult for you to deal with. To err is human. Sometimes we often think, behave and feel in ways that are harmful and hurtful to others, even to our loved ones. So, no matter how much we humans care, we will sometimes hurt someone.

One thing is important to note that your marriage isn’t doomed because you hurt your significant other or s/he does it to you, or you have poor communication. It is inevitable to avoid conflicts and experience problems. But you can always try to solve these problems and resolve conflicts without hurting each other. Bear in mind that God created humans with the ability to successfully manage their relationships in a productive, peaceful and healthy way.

If you are having problems in your marriage, there are several ways to eliminate them. For example, you can get help from other couples who have more experience and who have developed maturity in their marriage.  Couples with good experience can help you build a stronger and successful marriage. The key point is to commit to the idea that no matter what problems come into your way, you will learn to manage your marital problems and overcome crises on an ongoing basis.

At, you will read some useful articles about how you can solve your marital issues and build a happy and strong marriage. Please understand that the tips and advice you will read in articles are not intended to deal with every issue or problem that married couples deal with in marriage.

If you are in a relationship where your safety or your family’s safety is at risk, we strongly recommend you to get help from reliable sources. Some of the situations when you should seek immediate help include:

  • Physical abuse
  • When your spouse displays symptoms of strong mental illness
  • When your spouse has a major drug/chemical imbalance
  • When your spouse threatens your or your child’s safety

It is important to note that any of the above mentioned situations cannot be dealt with by simply reading articles. If you find yourself into any of these situations, seek professional help as soon as possible. You can contact your local mental health hotline or call a reliable marriage counselor in your specific area.

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